Engineering at IFTTT

IF Super Bowl THEN...

Sanny Liao - Feb 3, 2016

Over the years, we have seen a sizable increase in the use of IFTTT Recipes by people who follow sporting events. With Super Bowl 50 on the horizon, we were intrigued to look closer at how people use IFTTT to follow their favorite teams and how the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos fans stack up.

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Happier Rails Development with Polo

Netto Farah - Nov 24, 2015

It’s day one at your new gig. You’re hopeful that setting up the development environment won’t take too long. How awesome would it be to get some code out to production on your first day?

You’re lucky if this is your first day at IFTTT. Using our Docker-based development environment, you can get set up in a snap. Having a complex codebase configured and ready to use in a few minutes feels amazing. What if I told you that setting up data in your development environment could be that easy too?

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Data Infrastructure at IFTTT

Anuj Goyal - Oct 14, 2015

Data is a big deal at IFTTT. Our business development and marketing teams rely on data to make critical business decisions. The product team relies on data to run tests, to learn about how our products are used, and to make product decisions. The data team itself relies on data to build products like our Recipe recommendation system and tools for spam detection. Furthermore, our partners rely on data to get insights and alerts about the performance of their Channels in real-time.

Since data is so critical to IFTTT, and given that our services generate billions of events per day, our data infrastructure must be highly scalable, available, and flexible enough to keep up with rapid product iteration. In this post, we’ll walk you through a high level overview of our data infrastructure and architecture. We’ll also share some of the insights we’ve gained building and operating data at IFTTT.

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Developing with Docker

Nicholas Silva - Oct 6, 2015

IFTTT is currently in the process of moving our infrastructure to a containerized architecture. We have a large collection of microservices, and containers are the next logical step for us in cleanly managing such a complex system. Before moving our production infrastructure over however, we decided that we wanted to start developing with them locally first. We could shake out any issues with our applications before risking the production environment.

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Introducing Sparkle Motion

Zhe Lu - Sep 16, 2015

Upon opening DO for Android, users are presented with a beautiful, animated introduction to the product. If you’re interested in building something similar for one of your own apps, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sparkle Motion! Sparkle Motion is an open source ViewPager animator that can animate Views within and outside of the ViewPager.

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How to Work on Open Source at Your Company

Laura Skelton - Aug 17, 2015

Over the last 6 months, I’ve released 3 popular open-source projects I built at IFTTT (check out RazzleDazzle, FasTTTcamera, and Jot on GitHub!), while still shipping new features and products at a fast pace.

Here are some tips for how you can get started working on your own open source projects at work, while ultimately shipping faster than you would have otherwise.

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Love at First Byte

Devin Foley - Jul 23, 2015

Everyone loves open source. The internet runs on open source. You are probably viewing this post on an open source browser, running on an operating system that’s at least partially open source. I’m using an open source text editor to write this post.

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